Dr. Nancy

I just like this picture is all...

Jess, Paula and I are rapidly becoming devoted disciples of Dr. Nancy.

Dr. Nancy Mroczek, PhD, kicks major ass.

How to describe the fascination we select few have for Dr. Nancy to the non-Bostonian, the non-scenester, the unenlightened?

In addition to her bustling "behavior consultation" practice, Dr. Nancy is a poet, performance artist, cable access icon and one hell of a torch singer.

Dr. Nancy is, depending on how you look at it, either one crazy dame or the Prophet of Our Times. I confess that I once belonged to the former school of thought, readily dismissing Dr. Nancy as a nut-job with way too much free time on her hands. I first saw Dr. Nancy on my 23rd birthday, at an open mic hosted by my then-boyfriend. On a night packed with the usual warbling folkies and their souped-up Ovations, Dr. Nancy took the stage, and launched into a 20-minute free-form a capella ditty called "Cosmic Pow-wow." I remember this well because Hugh (my then-boyfriend) kept launching into its chorus for months afterwards, forever searing it onto my brain.

In the years since, I have caught Dr. Nancy waxing eloquent, via cable access, on a number of topics. Always, I would shriek to Kev, "C'mere! C'mere! The 'cosmic pow-wow' lady is on t.v. again!"

I cannot quite pinpoint the exact moment that I started to genuinely admire Dr. Nancy. I do know that the admiration stems primarily from what I view as her remarkable sincerity. Anything is brilliant if it's sincere, in my book. There is nothing forced or staged or pretentious about Dr. Nancy. She radiates this sincerity, and people respond to it. Paula was completely ready to play bass for Dr. Nancy, when she learned that her usual bassist might not be able to make the next show.

At any rate, Dr. Nancy is playing tonight, and we are all totally there.

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