2011-04-19 19:40:34
I love how Michael K from dlisted refers to Gwyneth's attitude "Better than YOUR Homes and Gardens"!

2011-04-22 16:38:30
If the media didn't pay so much attention to her, then... There are much bigger things to pay attention to. I do concur that she was born on third base but is acting like she is the average mom. Uhm, that is total BS. And there's a Talk of the Town piece about her in the New Yorker where she is cooking for the likes of Martha Stewart and the Seinfields, 'cause, you know, we all have such glamorous friends. I gave up on her when she was on Conan and said something to the effect of that she did "Ironman" because "she needed the money". Yes, with a straight face. Regardless of how much charity work she does, I can only see her as herself on the Travels in Spain show where she eats glorious food in glorious settings, like anyone who wanted to can do so. Really? Really?

2011-04-25 10:20:40
I admire her acting--which is exactly why I don't want to know shit like this about her.

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