2007-11-13 21:12:22
I hear ya', Honey...feel the same way but unable to expound as's especially heinous down here among the palm trees and orange groves. It wasn't even Halloween and there was a big blinky sign at Michaels, reminding the masses that there were only 58 days left... Oh, for the days when "the season" did not officially begin until the day after Thanksgiving...the first Christmas tv commercial was Santa riding an electric razor over the snow banks during the football games on Thanksgiving black and white. Gawd, I'm getting old!!!! Love ya'.

2007-11-14 00:24:03
I've been a bitter bitch over the loss of Thanksgiving marketing for so long now. The day after Halloween came the Christmas crap, and I wanted to poop in somebody's mouth. I mostly get offended because it seems as though we should pay no attention to a holiday meant to bring thanks for all the things in our lives (because not all of us have a harvest time), and just play up a formerly religious-centered day of note. I simply don't respect Christmas as much as I used to, and it's a damn shame.

2007-11-14 08:17:25
Thanks for stopping by over at my place and letting me know about this post. You've stated the case quite eloquently. Maybe we can get some folks to listen; I don't know. I sure hope so. Jim

2007-11-14 11:02:08
"Eloquently." Heh. You're too kind.

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